We were able to formulate a brand new super tack adhesive, stronger than ever and with exceptional results. Call the sales department to find out more.


RUN to give a look at our Special Doming with first Quality, design and staff ! Easy to use ! A must-have ! Ask us for more information about it!!!!

MONTEX DX2 “High Tack”​

This film achieves excellent results, e.g. the self-adhesive finishing of products like Signs on walls, Signs on maschines, Textiles, Pictures, LFP graphics, Cartons.

Mounting film MONTEX DX1

Due to the delayed initial adhesion, the self-adhesive product can be repositioned. Furthermore, squares support you for cuttings on measure and the simple processing and positioning.

Transparent glass decoration vinyl XF5T

Use this excellent film for room division and as decorative privacy on windows and glass partitions,ideal for offices, hotels, shops, restaurants and exhibition stands.


DECOREX D-MX Easy Liner is a 50mμ metallized mirror finish film in silver, gold and copper, with a semi-permanent acrylic adhesive with microchannels and bubble-free application.

Masking film for high-quality and cost-effective painting of bicycles, vehicles and metallic surfaces

Masking film Silmask 80-- Advantages : 1. High quality masking film for metallic surfaces 2. Ensures sharp contours 3. Varnish does not flow under the film 4. Special adhesive with good adhesion 5. High flexible PVC, that adapts perfectly to the surface 6. Tear-resistant PVC 7.Removable in one piece without residue 8.Suitable for multi-coating 9.Guarantees fast, perfect and cost-effective processes

Join us at Fespa Global Print Expo 2021

FESPA Global Print Expo will no longer take place in Madrid in October 2020 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. While the next edition of the show will be host at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 9-12 March 2021.

Antibacterial film to protect your health

Finally come out our Silver ion Antibacterial film , ready to protect your health with antibacterial effect for 2-5 years ! Can be used for public facilities like schools restaurant table, front desk, doorknob, elevator button, etc. Contact us for more product specification!

Ripartire con sicurezza

Buongiorno, abbiamo studiato per te una proposta molto interessante, per affrontare questo mese di ripartenza in piena sicurezza e con una marcia in più. Si tratta di un film dotato di uno strato di argento ionico, sostanza germicida ad ampio spettro che danneggia la struttura cellulare di batteri, funghi e virus. Specifiche del prodotto : film protettivo PET 36micron + film antibatterico TPH 130micron , colla removibile , e il supporto 75micron opaco PET . 2 anni di effetto antibatterico con effetto al 99,99% con Certificato REACH&RoHS , composizione semplice , e nessun rilasacio di adesivo . Per l'uso touchscreen ,abbiamo un prodotto con film TPU 125micron con 5 anni di effetto antibatterico con effetto al 99,99% . Ps: Trattandosi di dispositivi atti a garantire la salute dei lavoratori l’articolo 125 del decreto Rilancio prevede l’assegnazione di un credito d’imposta del 60% delle spese.